What / How We Sell
Currently we are focusing solely on selling one type of product.  We make hand-crafted jewelry
solely for the benefit of our fund-raising efforts.  One line of this jewelry represents a rendition of
the Wordless Book (Bible), and is aptly called "Rendition" jewelry.  See samples of this line in
my online store at
www.Etsy.com.  A description of it (without images) may be found here.

We are currently selling our jewelry at Etsy.com and at local bazaars and craft sales.  We are
looking to gauge interest in jewelry "parties" and other interactive events.  We will also sell via
eBay as appropriate.

If you would like to be kept informed of our local events or give us an hand in any way, please

contact us
.  Ways that you can help include the following:

  ~ Prayer!
  ~ Donations of time, including joining in the fun and fellowship of making jewelry in
          preparation for our events.
  ~ Participate in our events, be it in the purchase of jewelry or other items, or letting us treat
          you to one of our jewelry "parties".

We also are considering partnering with students who have a desire to raise funds for a
faith-based organization.  This could be done to support a class project, or as part of a senior
project or related activity.

We are also looking to partner with retail stores that would be able to devote a small amount of
counter space to sell a single style of piece (or two).
What...and How!